*Credit to Planyt for the great idea!
Save money on laundry
Affordable posters for dorm rooms 
Cheap ways to decorate your dorm
Save money on clothes
My College Yardsale: Find essentials for cheap
Free homework help
Free ways to kill time in College 
Alternative ways to eat Ramen 
Microwavable snacks in a mug
More mug snacks
100 cheap recipe ideas for students
15 healthy + cheap snack options
A guide to cooking eggs
A college guide to eating healthy (The Holy Grail for eating cheap in school!)
Vegetarian/Vegan options
Save money on textbooks
Student2Student textbook exchange
Find eTextbooks for your course
Student discount laptops
Low prices on dorm supplies
8 Tips for saving on supplies
Sell your used textbooks for cash
No need to buy notebooks- Take notes digitally
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101 Low cost College activities
100 Cheap hobbies
Read books online for free
Discover new music
Watch TV online for free (Great for hosting marathons!)
Stream free movies here or here 
Rate your professor
Weave silk
Hike with friends
Go on a free global treasure hunt
Things to do in your dorm when it’s cold out
Waste time on this website


*Credit to Planyt for the great idea!




//free time//